Earth’s Ruler: Satan or Adam?

I’ve been asked a question that I never have even considered before… kinda interesting, I must say.  And a little humbling, since the person asking me is a minister.  ((ack!!))  I’m not a minister.  I’m not even a teacher.  I’m not even a theology student… well, only privately.  Who am I, Lord?

The question?  Can you tell me the time frame of these two events?  Lucifer being made prince over the earth and God giving Adam dominion over this planet.  They seem to be in conflict, but I know both are important.  What can you tell me about this?  My son asked me this question and I don’t have enough details to answer properly.

Well, first of all, we know that Satan was second in command only to the Godhead before he got too big for his britches.  He was even over the archangel Michael, who is now the top angel in Heaven!  But Satan wasn’t happy playing second fiddle… he wanted to be first… even over God.  And when he raised up a third of the angels (Rev. 12:4) to overcome God, ((like that could possibly happen – duh!)) he was given a pink slip and a new home – a hot one.  The list of Satan’s “wills” is in Isaiah 14:12-15 and the whole fall is in Revelations 12:3-12.

We also know that Satan has not given up his goals: to directly challenge God for what belongs only to God, to be worthy of receiving service/praise/worship from creation, and to be like “the most High, possessor of heaven and earth”.

Plan A – an attempt to take Heaven first – didn’t work.  He got his butt kicked out.  Along with the other rebellious angels, which are now known as demons.  But that wasn’t considered a defeat.  Not to Ego-Boy Lucifer!  So now he’s decided to tackle the job from another angle – by possessing earth first.  That would be Plan B, and he’s been at it for about 5000 years now.

Oh, he’s pretty pleased with how easy it’s been, lemme tell ya.  He started with Adam and Eve, and that was a cakewalk.  You see, in Genesis 1:26, God gave Adam dominion over the earth and the creatures on it.  And at that point, Adam was sin-free, perfect… in unbroken communion with God.  All Satan had to do was get the humans to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – which God explicitly told them not to do – and then they wouldn’t have that perfection and unbroken communion.  They would be his.

So that’s just what he did.  He got Eve to eat, and Adam to eat, and in doing so, they gave Satan their allegiance (that had been God’s)… and God had no choice but to cast them out of unbroken communion with Him – because God can’t stand sin.  With the fall of Adam, Satan usurped Adam’s dominion over the earth, and set himself up as prince of the world.

He’s dillusional, but not dumb by any stretch of the imagination.  He knows how to play people.  He has spent… oh, 5000 years or so deceiving weak-willed, STOOPID people.  Telling them there is no God, or that the definition of ‘god’ is debatable and therefore we must be tolerant of all religions… or that God doesn’t give pink slips.  ((Yeah, he should know!))  Or that people themselves are all the god that they need, or that he can give them everything and more… and thru all of this, Satan has managed to gain the worship and service of man, a hold on creation, and has, indeed, challenged the Creator for all that is on earth.  But – reality check – God is real, and He knows just what Satan is doing and just how long he’ll be allowed to do it for, before Holy Hell breaks loose… literally.

Y’see, the good news is, unlike Satan’s fake-out “Eastern religions”, God doesn’t provide for a balance of Good and Evil in His plan.  There’s no Ying-Yang, there’s no equality between darkness and light.  No created thing is equal to or greater than the Godhead. And Satan is a created being.

The story’s all laid out, and if you read Revelations, you can see exactly what’s gonna happen – Satan’s going to bring all of the armies of the earth together (Rev. 19:19) and challenge Christ and the host (Rev. 19:11-14) to a stand-off.  But there is no battle.  Because there is nothing that usurps the Godhead – ever.  Christ doesn’t bother fighting – there’s no need.  The outcome doesn’t require a battle at all – that’s Satan’s pipe dream.  The Antichrist and the false witness are simply cast into the lake of fire with Hell and Death (Rev. 19:20), and Satan is bound for a thousand years in a pit (Rev. 20:2).

… And then he’s let loose to gather the rebellious of the new Earth (Rev:20:7-8)… and when they are separated from the righteous, all are thrown directly into the lake of fire (Rev 20:9).  Do not pass GO, do not collect $300.  Ouch, pretty hot, right?  ((wink!))

So yes, Adam had dominion… but because he did a BIG oops and tranferred his allegiance from God to Satan, he gave it up.  God wanted Adam to have it, and gave it to him.  Satan didn’t want Adam to have it, and took it from him.  Hence the mess we have today.  Not kewl.  But also very kewl in that it’s all part of a bigger plan.  Wouldn’t this plot make one AWESOME C.S. Lewis Chronicle, though?  ((Wait, it’s already a book… the Bible. *blush!*))

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