Letter To a Skeptic

((From here – today’s town day, so you get a canned one.  But it’s worth the read!))

“Hal: I saw you on TBN and boy, I am impressed. Why don’t you pick up a science book and learn the real truth? All religion is mythology. People of many religions have been predicting the end of world for years. The Garden of Eden, The Flood, The Last Supper, the Resurrection story, The Trinity, etc. were all in religions before Christianity. Do you deny that? Do you honestly believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old? That we lived with dinosaurs? That we did not evolve from apes? Do you think there is a conspiracy of scientists in all different fields against the Bible? Einstein, Darwin, Sagan, etc. were not out to disprove the Bible, they were seeking knowledge. Because of them the world is a better place.”

I often get letters like the one above, but I usually answer them privately. This one deserves a wider hearing.

Dear Sir:

You argue that because of Darwin and others the world is a better place. A woman has a “right to choose” to kill her unborn baby – the baby has no right to “life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.” Families are breaking up, kids are turning schools into war zones, perjury is no longer a “real crime,” gangs run rampant in our cities and serial killers are now commonplace. Sure, things have never been better.

(Who told you I believe that the earth is only 6000 years old? The Bible does not teach or require that belief.) Also, please explain the fossilized human footprint in the same impression as a dinosaur footprint located in the Permian Basin outside Midland, Texas. So far, science has been unable to. Apparently, you are willing to put your faith in science books alone. I’m sure it provides you with plenty of hope for the future.

I agree people have been predicting the end of the world. Indeed, that comes as no surprise to those who eschew the “real truth of science” (“man will never fly” – “bloodletting will cure disease” – both once scientific truths) for the “myths” of the Bible. How many people do you think have tried to prove the Bible wrong in the last 20 centuries? Philosophers, thinkers, scientists and doctors from every generation, on every continent, for 2000 years have tried to conclusively disprove the Bible – archeologically, historically, medically, scientifically – the one who found a single provably incorrect statement in any of these fields would prove the Book was written by a man.

Such a one would utterly destroy the underpinnings of the Judeo Christian ethic and would be the most famous philosopher who ever lived. The man who proved the Bible wrong! Surely history records such a genius – it’s not like the Bible and its precepts haven’t been under constant attack throughout history. But, sadly, there is no record of our historical genius.

You can’t really believe you are the first to question it. I challenge you to conclusively disprove the Bible. While you’re at it, can you conclusively prove evolution? Science demands empirical evidence that can be re-created in a laboratory before it labels something as “fact.” Consequently, we teach evolution as fact in schools, but call it the “theory” of evolution. Look up “theory” and you’ll find it means “a supposition” – an unproved fact.

On the other hand, the Bible is made up of 66 books, written by at least 40 different men in different cultures and places over a period of 2,000 years. Yet the message is perfectly consistent, homogenous, connected and progressive.

The Bible details history, medical information, scientific information (the Book of Job tells us, among other things, the world is round, wind moves in cyclonic patterns rather than a straight line and that light is in motion), without contradicting the latest findings of science. Archeological information has never disproved but rather confirmed the details of the Bible. Archeology has proven the existence of such key figures as Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas the High Priest, and we also have the record of Flavius Josephus, the secular Roman historian who mentioned the life of Jesus.

You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. And if you’re right, the same thing happens to me as happens to you when we die – nothing! If you’re wrong, however, you will pay for all eternity.

I’m unwilling to gamble on a discipline (science) that has been wrong so many times before, when I have before me a discipline (Biblical Christianity) that has never been disproved a single time in history.

So, I thank you for your suggestion that I pick up a science book and learn the “real” truth. But I already have and found that “truth” wanting. When I was a boy, science told me it was impossible to split the atom. Science told my dad that man would never fly. I’ve lived to see both scientific truths disproved, yet I still await the disproval of a single point in all 77,000-plus verses of Scripture.

I’ve studied science. I’ve read dozens of books on dozens of scientific theories and breakthroughs. Have you read the Bible? Or are you basing your condemnation of me on only half the evidence necessary to support your argument? Surely you aren’t saying to me “I’ve read science, but not the Bible, and I conclude the Bible is wrong and science is true,” are you? That wouldn’t be very scientific, would it?

I’d like to invite you to know the One Who not only wrote the “real” Truth, but has kept it to this day. You can meet Him here.

Sincerely in Christ,
Hal Lindsey

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