Anti-Christ True and False

I’m so sick of seeing STOOPID things written about this guy.  Stuff that isn’t Biblical, stuff that isn’t right… I’m telling ya, it’s ridiculous.  We have the Book, but we buy all this garbage that’s thrown out there, and it just shows how ignorant christians can be.  So we’re gonna do a little post on this.

1.  The Anti-Christ isn’t mentioned in the Bible, it’s all a fabrication.
False… and true.  The word Anti-Christ, used in the Bible, means ‘to be against Christ, or to openly reject/attack His teachings.  The word itself is used quite a lot in the New Testament, but it’s always to talk about a type of people, not a specific person.  Therefore, there are no references to a particular “Anti-Christ”.

HOWEVER… the word ‘Anti-Christ’ has been adopted by prophecy students to identify the man spoken of in scriptures that is never named.  He is called the ‘little horn’ , the ‘king’, the ‘prince’, the ‘son of perdition’, the ‘lawless one’ and ‘he who rode the white horse’… but he is never called ‘The Anti-Christ’.  However, if you hear someone talking about ‘The Anti-Christ’, you know who they mean.

2.  The Anti-Christ will have an identifying mark on him – the mark of the Beast.
False.  First of all, the mark of the Beast does not refer to the Anti-Christ.  The Beast is NOT the Anti-Christ, regardless of what Tim LaHaye or anyone else tells you.  Beasts in prophecy are always kingdoms/empires.  Secondly, there is no indication in scripture of the Anti-Christ being identifyable by a specific mark.  It says the beast will cause them (the people) to take a mark.  So… no, Gorbechev’s PortWine mark and Napolean’s screwed up hand were not ‘marks of the Beast’. 

3.  The Anti-Christ will have been born in 1948, the year that Israel became a nation again.
False.  Nowhere in scripture does it indicate a birth year for the Anti-Christ. That’s not to say that scriptures didn’t prophecy Israel’s becoming a nation in 1948.  I wrote two of those prophecies as entrys, so see the prophecy sidebar for those.  I found another one in Ezekiel via my message board this week, so that’s exciting, too.  ((NoTe:  Prince Charles was born in 1948.  Solana was not.)

4.  The Anti-Christ will try to pass himself off as Christ – he will be born in Bethlehem, will be born of a virgin, and will be Jewish.
False.  Jesus is the only one prophesied to be born of a virgin (although others have claimed it, such as Ishtar’s Tammuz) and to be born in Bethlehem.  In fact, the scriptures are clear in Daniel 9 that the ‘people of the prince’ (Anti-Christ) would be the people to destroy the temple.  That would be the Roman Empire, in AD70… so the Anti-Christ is going to be European, NOT Jewish.  Which is why I’m watching Solana so closely.  European and uber-powerful… and a peace-treaty writer.  You tell me.

5.  The Anti-Christ will be a young, darkly-sinister, but handsome man. 
False.  For the sake of argument, if he *were* born in 1948, he would be 56.  So much for young.  And that’s *if* the 7-year Trib were to start this year.  But he will only be around for 7 years, so that would put him at 63, which is still a plausible Anti-Christ.  ((Solana is 62, which would put him at 69.))  Frankly, he’d have to be older, because people who are young don’t springboard into the highest of positions.  That’s not how the world works.  On top of that, we aren’t told how he’ll look… but y’never know, with Lucifer.

6.  The Anti-Christ will do miracles and claim to be Savior, like Christ. 
Sort of False.  The Bible says he will work signs and wonders, and speak pompous words.  That does not necessarily constitute miracles.  See 2 Thessalonians 2 and Daniel 9 for more, but know that this guy will really be something.  He might not have supernatural powers (until satan posesses him, anyhow), but he will still be able to do things that make the world very impressed.  Such as obtain peace in the Middle East.  Something Bush isn’t doing so good at.

7.  Ronald Reagan is the Anti-Christ.  Hitler was the Anti-Christ.  Antiochus Ephiphanes was the Anti-Christ.  Solana is the Anti-Christ.  Prince Charles is the Anti-Christ.  Prince William is the Anti-Christ.  Arafat is the Anti-Christ.  Sharon is the Anti-Christ.  Arafat’s successor will be the Anti-Christ.  Osama bin Laden is the Anti-Christ.  Saddam Hussien is the Anti-Christ.  By definition, all of these people (excepting Reagan) are Anti-Christs.  If you’re not for Christ, you’re against him.  But let’s be rational:  If the AC is going to come from a country that is part of the Roman Empire, he *can’t* be Osama, Saddam, Sharon, Arafat, or a Middle Eastern person.  So there goes half your list.  ((INCLUDING Antiochus)).  Now know that Antiochus *was* a prototype of the Anti-Christ.  Call him a dry run.  He was prophesied, he fulfilled many prophesies, but he died YEARS before Jesus and Paul prophesied the coming ‘son of perdition’.  And while Hitler was a terrible man, he never fulfilled the prophesies.  While Reagan’s name added up to 666, it has nothing to do with anything, and he’s DEAD.  Not to mention he was a Christ-follower.  That leaves Charles, William, and Solana.  Because Charles has so little power, I’m not betting the bank on him, 1948 or not.  William and Solana remain to be seen, and both have interesting reasons to be watched.

8.  Christians shouldn’t be watching for the Anti-Christ, anyhow,  because he won’t be here until after the rapture, and we’ll be gone by then.  It’s moot, and it’s stupid.
False.  If Paul told us things so that we would be aware and Christ told us things so that we would be aware, then we should make sure we’re aware.  Logically, the ‘we won’t be here’ thing doesn’t hold water, either – while the Anti-Christ doesn’t begin his *actual role* until after the first seal in Revelation is opened, he’d HAVE TO be on the scene before that to establish himself in the eyes of his peers.  He can’t walk in the day after the Rapture and hand Israel a treaty to start the 7-year Trib…  He’d have to be in place, and have been planning with Sharon and the Quartet for a while.  We [the church] will see him, but we won’t necessarily recognise him for what he is, because we won’t be here for his ride on the peace horse, and most christians would need to be run over with the horse to ‘get it’.  It’s sad that the church isn’t even aware that a white horse has been led out of the stables, and that there’s a man in the courtyard readied to mount it.

9.  The Anti-Christ is a homosexual.  
Possibly.  Yeah, I know, you raised a brow there, but in Daniel (11:37) it says:  Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard nay god, for he shall magnify himself… now it depends on what conclusions you choose to jump to.  First, note that he doesn’t *regard* these things.  Meaning, they don’t matter to him.  If these were his beliefs, it would mean he doesn’t need God in the EU constitution (as they’ve recently established, fulfilling prophecy), and he doesn’t define marriage as being man/woman only, nor does he adhere to an established religion.  It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a homosexual… but there *is* the possibility.  Interesting that these things were big ticket issues for the EU this year, eh?  ((wink!))

10.  The Anti-Christ is a demon-possessed madman. 
False.  The person who fills this role is a regular man, highly intellectual, very influential, extremely powerful, and well respected.  He isn’t a crazed lunatic with glowing eyes.  And he’s not (by scripture’s indications) demon-possessed.  However, at some point, he is Satan possessed.  There are only two people in the Bible called the ‘son of perdition’ – Judas and the Anti-Christ.  Both are smart, well-liked people.  Remember that when Jesus said ‘one of you sitting at this table is going to betray me’, the disciples didn’t say “Oh, yeah, Judas, it’s not like we didn’t see THAT coming”… they said “Lord, is it I?  Is it me?”  They never suspected Judas – they suspected themselves!  Even when Judas took off to betray Jesus, they assumed he was off giving money to the poor!  Doing good!  They never suspected…!  Satan doesn’t do his finest work thru idiots, but thru prominent, influential people in high places.  Judas was Jesus’ treasurer… and Satan entered him.  The Anti-Christ – whoever he is – will be a prominent, influential man.  He’ll be the RRE/EU’s covenant confirmer.  And be assured that Satan himself will enter him, too.  And from then on, anything goes.

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  1. Great reading!!

  2. Brilliant.  These are the posts I absorb and learn so much from…great job, Anna!

  3. Anonymous

     /  July 21, 2004

    When you post like this, I might as well call it a day because all I want to do is dive into scripture, read sites on prophecy and study study study!
    Excellent blog!

  4. You provoke me, Anna… into getting even deeper into the word of God.Excellent post. I really believe your talent is in pulling things together and making them perfectly clear.By the way, thanks for your comment on my “what Jesus looked like” blog. What’s even sadder is that, while those of us who are interested in what is true would be more drawn to a “common-looking” person, most of the world — particularly the christian “world” — would be drawn by charisma and a pretty white face…

  5. I love reading about what other people think as it sometimes is so “off” that I have to laugh.  Out of my collection of end times fiction, my favorite AC character is Brother Bartholomew from “666” and “1000”, by Salem Kirban.  He’s almost comical- with his ruby ring that’s really a laser that’s hypnotic…among other things.
    I love collecting these books because they usually all demonstrate something nonscriptural along with the scriptural stuff.  They make great reads, with a discerning mind of course!

  6. Anonymous

     /  July 21, 2004

    Do you know what the whole “666” sign REALLY signifies?  Is it biblical?  Is it really that significant, or is it something that Hollywood fluffed up?

  7. Good job!  I think you covered every weird thing I hav ever heard about the Antichrist, plus a few I was not aware of, like Ronald Reagan.  I am impressed with your detail here.  Great!

  8. This was very interesting… very.  I had no idea there were so many misconceptions about this.

  9. “You provoke me, Anna… into getting even deeper into the word of God.”

  10. Everyone has said What I wanted to say.So thanks for sharing this !

  11. Very nice. I’m going to bookmark this to study further…

  12. Interesting. I tried to print this off, and the computer froze up. I had to restart. Makes me want to dig into it that much more…


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