December & the SMS

Hey, y’know, it’s been so long since I last posted about the Six Month Suggestion (SMS) that I don’t think a few of you even know what I’m talking about.  The last mention of it was in August!  (link)  My apologies for that.  I’ve been sick, emo, swamped, and unmotivated.  But since I want to talk about the SMS today, I’d better do a quickie recap for you.

I believe that Javier Solana’s ENPI between the EU and the Middle Eastern nations is the 7-year ‘covenant with many’ foretold in Daniel 9.   If we assume that the Tribulation begins with the 7-year covenant, then the Tribulation started January 1, 2007.  Daniel 9 says that the covenant will be broken halfway through, taking us to summer 2010.  I don’t speculate beyond that, because I don’t have facts beyond that.

SO!  The Six Month Suggestion is simply this:  If there are three sets of ‘tribulations’ the Egyptians went thru prior to the Exodus and the Jews were only participants in the first set, Then where there are three sets of ‘tribulations’ in Revelation prior to the end and the Christ-followers will only participate in the first set (the seals).  There are seven seals, and three and a half years.  Divide the seven seals up and you get one seal every six months.  In chart form, here’s what we have:

 Jan 1, 2007 

 ENPI :  7-yr ‘covenant’ by Solana/Trib begins 

 July 1, 2007

 Seal 1:  Diplomat given power in the name of peace

 Jan 1, 2008 

 Seal 2:  Rider of Red Horse  (war begins)

 July 1, 2008

 Seal 3:  Rider of Black Horse   (famine begins)

 Jan 1, 2009 

 Seal 4:  Rider of Pale Horse:  (death/sickness begins)

 July 1, 2009

 Seal 5:  Martyrs beheaded for their faith begins


 ***  Rosh Ha’Shana ’09  rapture of the Saints  ***

 Jan 1, 2010

 Seal 6:  Wrath of God (see Matthew 24) begins

 July 1, 2010

 Seal 7:  Mid-Trib Point. Begins Trumpet Judgments

Okay.  Sooooo… how has that worked out?  I’m so very glad you asked!

  • Jan-June 2007 – Seven-year treaty begins Tribulation.  ENPI goes into effect.
  • July-Dec 2007Seal 1: Bringer of Peace.  AoC hold first-ever summit. ((Alliance of Civilizations is a coming together of world nations to promote peace and blending of religions/cultures)).  The church claims this bringer of peace is the AntiChrist, but none of the other seals are people, so that’s incongruous.  Further, the Antichrist’s appearance has to be BEFORE seal one is opened, because his 7-year treaty is what kicks off the seals.
  • Jan-June 2008 – Seal 2: Bringer of War.  I was expecting a major war with Israel, probably involving Syria.  Instead, we got the “reconstitution” of the King of the North, which was the Russia/Georgia war which directly involves Israel, but more importantly is the kick-off event that will trigger the battles that are prophesied to occur in the Middle East.  Perfect Timing, Putin… and Mederev.

 Which brings us to… um, now.  July-Dec 2008 – Seal 3: Bringer of Famine.  You already know that every major news syndication and broadcast network is reporting that there is a shortage of wheat and incredible inflation going on due to ethanol, the dollar decline, rising prices, and population.  The economy is in crisis, they’ve even finally used the big “D” word – depression.  October 10th was the day George Ure expected a major crisis, and that was the day (no kidding) that we had THE big stock market crash which we’re still flailing about trying to recover from (and won’t). 

nsupermarket123The Bible (Revelation 6:6) goes on to say “A measure of wheat for a denarion, and three measures of barley for a denarion, but do not hurt the oil and the wine.”  A denarion was a day’s wages… would be equal to about $100 for us.  That’s WAY higher than our inflation has set us.  Does that mean that prices haven’t skyrocketed?  Heck no, take a look at this chart (that I’ve been saving for such a post as this – click to enlarge!)  And THAT inflation was in April – before the big October crash!  Two years ago I bought groceries for 3 weeks at $80.  Now I buy groceries for 3 weeks at $230.  I don’t know what percent that is, but it’s more than double, that’s for sure!

The thing that has bothered me is that inflation isn’t really famine… y’know?  It’s the precursor and the tanking of the economy and collapse of whole countries (see Iceland) is HUGE, but… frankly, I was expecting a major volcanic eruption before January.  I actually expected it at the BEGINNING of the 6-month period, around harvest time.  But can you imagine the MESS if we had one this time of year – what with the snow to pack it and wet all of that ash?  The land would be like cement.  It’d be a catastrophic disaster.  But, wait, Anna, a volcanic explosion?!  Yeah, actually.

Why?  Look at that green verse above again.  Notice something else:  Wheat and barley grow on the ground.  Wine (grapes) and oil (olives) grow OFF the ground on trees and vines/bushes.  I’m personally expecting the supervolcano in Yellowstone and/or Mt. Ranier to blow this summer, or something similar.  (Maybe the New Madrid fault?)  The ash would cover the majority of the MidWest – our farmland – and coat the ground.  But the things growing on trees, bushes, and vines would be okay.

Which brings me to George Ure’s blog today.  He’s been predicting (since March) that on or near December 12th there will be a massive earthquake in the continental US.  Well, that’s not exactly right.  He predicts a massive earthquake in South America (Chile, perhaps?) followed by a massive earthquake in North America.  ((My bets are still New Madrid, Seattle, or Yellowstone, although runner up is California.))  Yesterday I posted about supermoons – there’s one slated for December 12th.  And I have been watching quakes and noticed the correlation between full moons and quake activity.  So… yeah.  Anyhow, today he posted this:

Although the futures seem to point to a bit of a ‘bounce’ at the open today, the linguistics about the first couple of weeks in December, leading up to the ‘twin quakes’ around December 12, is likely to be a really rough ride.  And yes, that’s why last weekend’s Peoplenomics report was titled “Fasten your seat belt: Quake, Famine, and Anarchy“.  Just got to know where (and when) to be looking.” (link emphasis mine)

Quake.  Famine.  Anarchy.  December.  Hey, I might get my seal #3 yet!  ((shakes head, twitching))  I’m just… having a hard time reporting on these things, because I don’t know what EXACTLY I’m watching for, only girded with Revelation’s seal descriptions and George’s timings.  It’s kind of fun, like playing bingo.  You have the scorecard, you’re just poised and listening for the number that matches what you’ve got, y’know?

So I’m watching!  We have 29.5 days left of the year in which to get all shook up, to coin an Elvis phrase.  ((LoL!!))  We’ll see what happens, won’t we?  I went about NUTS waiting in July… the Georgia/Russia thing didn’t actually hit until like the last SIX days of the month.  Talk about cutting it close to my deadline!!  ((Or, if I’m right, Yahweh’s deadline.))  Here we are in the last month of THIS six-month period, and I’m sitting on the edge of my chair, here…!!!

Anyhow, George has got me ALL sorts of excited and wound up.  And I had to share why!

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  1. OK so since the start of the year 5769: my DH admits he’s backslidden, practically cheats on me, and yesterday got laid off from his job. Not to mention the ever growing desire to have more children…and now I live mid-country and in a flimsy 4-plex structure….boy do I need prayer. G-D is good! All the time!!!!!

  2. At least you live mid-country.  Click this link and scroll down to the map:

  3. So, am I reading the map right – the orange areas are the Constitutional-free zones?  If so, I’m (semi-)OK…I’m more than 100 miles from the border. (As if that’ll save any of us….)

  4. i thought the war would be bigger, y’know?  like MAJOR big…still wondering about that…and aren’t the weapons of gog/magog supposed to be burning for 7 years (don’t ask, i don’t remember where i read that…fp i think). 
    i have been waiting *patiently* for you to comment on these things….so thank you!  my home study group( we are doing the lahaye end times study) is pre-trib, so we don’t discuss current issues…i once said something about javier and another guy said it’s not him, it will be someone after someone after him…(like 50 years from now?)  he didn’t even want to discuss it…seems no one does…  not really interested. 
    the super moon thing is fascinating…thanks!! 
    check out for a forum on herbs and stuff.
    to bad lentilsandrice is on vacation….i hope she will be back…i wonder if she *knows* something….

  5. Re: Earthquake… Don’t know if you’ve heard this, but central Arkansas had a series of earthquakes during November where supposedly they had no seismic history. One web site said that scientists are trying to figure out if they stemmed from “heat related geological changes” or from an undiscovered fault. They’re also saying if it’s the second, then there could be a really big one soon. I hope not it’s not the one mentioned around Dec 12. (PS: Supposedly they are not in or near the New Madrid zone, so it could take people by surprise.)It will be interesting to see what unfolds, for sure. I’m not sure about the beheading of martyrs beginning and that July 2009 timing. By beginning, does that mean maybe in spotty places and events, such as terrorist attacks around the world, maybe? If so, okay, I could see that. As general policy to behead for faith anywhere but in places under radical Muslim rule, I can’t see it that soon. However, I’m the first to say I could be wrong. I do want to add I truly do enjoy reading these types of blogs.FloFM

  6. Smack-dab between Houston and Corpus Christi … suck. :ssad:

  7. AMBER – Actually, don’t look at it was *BAM!* events.  Each seal is the start of something that is going to build.  For example, the AoC (seal 1) will build into a one-world religion of tolerance (for everything but Judaism/Messianic Judaism, of course).  Seal two is the start of the Ezekiel battle… the king of the north begins to take over areas that strategically get him closer to oil (and sets the scene for him and his allies to try to cut others off from the oil), which brings them down… and you know how the story goes from there.  It’s the same with this: Earthquake sets off volano, sets into the atmosphere ash, settles on land, land not farm-able, sets off famine, etc.  We’re not looking necessarily for Israel to nuke Iran out of the sky, for example.  We’re looking for the ice chunk that starts the avalanche, not an immediate avalanche.
    LNR posts about this stuff?  I’ve never seen that… then again, I might be too new…??
    HAYLEY – I haven’t heard that, I only know the animals have been leaving Yellowstone in droves and there are whole sections shut off to the public because of the heat.  We shall see!

  8. Oh – in case you hadn’t heard, the Dallas/Ft Worth area (TX) had a couple (3? 4?) of small earthquakes (1 was a 3. something) early in Nov.  Caught *everyone* by surprise – we don’t have an active fault….:wink:

  9. I think it’s useful, when thinking about end-times things, to get ourselves out of an Amero-centric view of the world.  Look at events from the view of Israel and the surrounding areas, not the viewpoint of folks on the other side of the planet.  (not that I disagree with you, but I know I have to constantly remind myself of that).
    I am HIGHLY interested in the timeline you’ve put forth, even if I’m not entirely sold on it.  Then again, there is nothing I can do from here… everything waits on my DH. (I do live in the constitution free zone, and an earthquakish zone). 
    God has a plan for all of His faithful children.  *That* I believe wholeheartedly, having been on the receiving end of His grace.

  10. …”three sets of tribulations…”So where does this come from? I am confused… is this the “time, times and half a time.”?BTW… I think volcanic ash would leach into the soil and destroy the trees and vines also… and if the yellowstone volcano went off.. we don’t have too much olive oil up there anyway. I think those verses probably mean something else.Blessings Bee

  11. No, it’s the 7 seals, 7 trumps, and 7 vials… and then judgment.Or if you were asking about the three sets of Egyptian tribulations they’re1 – Blood, Frogs, Lice2 – Flies, Beasts (dead), boils3 – hail, locust, darkness((and then judgment.))
    Time, Times and Half a Time is (1+2+.5=3.5 years, or) half of the 7-year covenant.
    As for the volcanic ash, what I meant was that you can’t find the stuff to unbury around it if it doesn’t grow up like a vine, bush, or tree.  And yeah, it might mean something else, but then again, maybe not.  😉

  12. I just can’t get over how close our timelines are.  However, I have the first seal cracked on Jan. 07, and the rapture happening mid 2010.  Hope one of us is right – I’m ready to get outta here!  :rapture:
    BTW, love your festive background.  The colors are great!  The red really does seem to glow.  :beam:  I like that.  :thumbsup:

  13. amber

     /  December 2, 2008

    anna, LNR doesn’t post on this stuff, i just remember one post where she said she had been feeling the need to learn the off-grid style of living, but once winter started she said she felt an even greater need to get things in order, to “get her shoes on and get ready to go” so to speak…it made me think of you and your timeline….i think she knows things the same way you know things, y’know? (snort, hey that was funny)

  14. I’ve been looking forward to another post on this topic. Thanks, Anna.

  15. I don’t know if this means anything to you, but I heard on the news that babies are dying or getting extremely sick because their mothers have been adding more water to their formula to stretch it out longer because they can’t afford it.  I was absolutely shocked when I heard that.

  16. Yeah, like formula’s necessary in the first place – I get SO PISSED OFF with the “I tried, I just couldn’t” BS from 80% of the mothers out there.  Don’t get me started on THAT one, I hit below the belt and HARD when it comes to formula and babies.  ((I’m still nursing Aaron – he’s 13 months, and plan to until he’s 19 months, just like my other boys.))
    I do add water to their apple juice, because I read the concentrate of sugar in straight apple juice is more than a small child should have, but that won’t kill them, it helps them.  We’re also switching from lunchtime lemonade to water… I’ve been remiss in teaching them the importance and goodness of water.
    But you don’t want to hear what I think about the *#!%^&* who use formula.  :shame:

  17. @Anna –  My sister waters down apple juice, too, because of the sugar concentration. I regret not nursing longer than I did (I’m not going to tell you when I quit because I don’t want to get in trouble ….) Good for you, looking out for your kids’ best interests – but then, that’s not news, is it? :vvv:

  18. Why stop at 19 months?

  19. @Saved__Sinner – Because I’m insanely fair.  I had to stop at 19 months with Isaac because I got pregnant with Ethan, and I had to stop at 19 months with Ethan because I was pregnant with Rachael (actually, I drug it out to BE 19 with Ethan)… so to keep it fair, I’ll stop at 19 with Aaron.  This is also why all of my boys have the same middle name, have 2-syllable first names that are from the Bible and start with vowels… Brian thinks I’m crazy.
    But my mom used to play games… Jill (sister) and Julie (mom) have the same first letter.  Matt (brother) and Mom (Julie) have the same first letter.  Oh, and there’s *anna* over there…  Or “Matt, Mom, and Jill have brown hair… anna’s the odd-man-out.”  I got so sick of that crap, growing up, I’m ADAMANT about everyone belonging in MY family.  It’s a *major* thing for me.  Nobody’s short-changed, or made to feel less or ‘odd’.


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