The Extra Six Months

On Tuesday when I posted my “December and the SMS”, one of my readers (prayzgod) said that it was uncanny how similar to my SMS was her own timeline… except that hers placed the rapture at 2010.  For me, that looks like a “Mid-Trib Rapture” stance, because the middle of the Trib (if 1/1/2007 is the start point) is 6/15/2010.  I haven’t gone with that for several reasons:

1 – If you’re taking a mid-Trib stance, that means its kind of obvious to everyone (including nonnies) when the rapture would occur.  Not so thief-in-the-night-ish. 

2 – It puts the rapture (if one believes Rosh Ha’Shana is the feast which the rapture occurs on) AFTER the mid-point of the Trib.  Rosh Ha’shanah 2010 is in September/October, not June.  At which point you can’t be Mid-Trib anymore… but you can’t be Pre-Wrath anymore either… you become somewhere… out there… hrm.

HOWEVER… I can’t discredit the idea, entirely, because… well, here, let’s see what it’d look like, and I’ll show you what I mean:

First half 07 – Tribulation Begins with Covenant with many.
                         Solana’s 7-year ENPI begins.
Second half 07 –  Seal One: White Horse Rider
AoC holds first summit for religious unity/peace.
First Half 08 – Seal Two:  Red Horse Rider (war)
King of the North takes first moves towards Middle Eastern War
Second Half 08 – Seal Three: Black Horse Rider (famine/earthquake)
Economic upheaval?  Food shortage?  Yellowstone Supervolcano?  Seattle?  LA?
First Half 09 – Seal Four:  Pale Horse Rider (death, sickness, murder)
Bird flu pandemic, economic depression, riots, etc.
Second Half 09 – Seal Five: Martyrs of the Faith
                          Verichip, Homeland ‘security’, Recommendation 666, etc.
First Half 10 –     ***** HOLD THIS THOUGHT *****
                          ((We’ll get to this in JUST a moment, k?))
Second Half 10 – Mid-Trib Point: Rapture of the Saints.

What’s the difference between her view and mine?  Well, here’s my Six-Month Suggestion graph:

January 1, 2007 

 ENPI :  7-year ‘covenant with many’ by Solana/Trib begins 

 July 1, 2007

 Seal 1:  Diplomat given incredible power in the name of peace

 January 1, 2008 

 Seal 2:  Rider of Red Horse  (war begins)

 July 1, 2008

 Seal 3:  Rider of Black Horse   (famine begins)

 January 1, 2009 

 Seal 4:  Rider of Pale Horse:  (death/sickness begins)

 July 1, 2009

 Seal 5:  Martyrs beheaded for their faith begins

 Rosh Ha’Shana ’09 

 ******   Rapture of the Saints  ******

 January 1, 2010

 Seal 6:  Wrath of God (see Matthew 24) begins

 July 1, 2010

 Seal 7:  Mid-Trib Point exactly. Begins Trumpet Judgments

Our charts are exactly the same up until Seal 5.  And here’s where I need to revisit Crystal’s chart, and address the first half of 2010… where I said ‘hang on!’.  Because if you’re working with the extra year she allots, that six-month period could be a couple of different things.  There are four possibilities that I can see:

1 – The two witnesses appear, have their ministry.  That works out, because I see one of the witnesses as Elijah (who never died, and appeared at the transfiguration)… and according to Hebraic tradition, Elijah comes on Passover.  In fact, during the feast celebration in your home, you set an extra place for Elijah, and open the door in illustration of his coming.  ((Also, John the Baptist – the ‘second Elijah’ – was born on Pesach/Passover.))  So this would fit perfectly… although their ministry is three and a half years.  If they come at the beginning of 2010, that puts their passing at 2013… around Yom Kippur.  Interesting timing, interesting possibility.

2 – The false prophet appears.  I have trouble with this one.  Whether he’s Ban Ki-Moon or Tony Blair or the next Pope (or even Ariel Sharon… I am still wondering about him and how he’s still out there… witha fatal wound he may recover from miraculously)… this just doesn’t seem to FIT anywhere with me, and I know it’s because I haven’t been shown the information yet.  Still watching…

3 – Seal Six.  Seal six is NOT a six-month phenomena.  It’s more like the kind of thing that happened at the same time as Christ gave up the ghost.  There was a darkening of the sun, a massive earthquake, the heavens did weird things, the dead resurrected from their graves… you see the same thing in Matthew 24:29 (as told by Messiah) and Rev 6:12-14 (as told by John).  Y’know what I mean?  Seal One’s rise to power spans time.  War spans time.  Famine spans time.  Pandemics span time.  But this is an EVENT.  I… dunno.  I personally see this happening during the Rosh Ha’Shana rapture, whatever year it is.  Just like the same phenomena happened during Christ’s death.

4 – Extendo-Marytrdom.  If you look at Rev 6:9-11, seal five (marytrdom) has something interesting in it.  The saints killed for their faith cry out “How Long?” and they are answered “a little while longer”.  So what if that means the Martyrdom (seal five) is TWO six-month periods?

Yeah.  So I’m just bouncing some ideas, because frankly, I don’t have all the answers.  I see possibilities, but until I get more puzzle pieces, I can only guess at what goes where in the big prophecy picture.  But for now (because it makes more sense to me), I’m sticking with my original graph.  Just playing with alternate variables because y’never know…!

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  1. I found this link in another sites side bar and was going to ask what you thought.
    I don’t have your timeline in front of me (only packing boxes) but thought you would have something to say. – In a thinking kind of way of course. 😆

  2. I think her name is Candy … and is it true the tradition of opening the door and inviting Elijah in came about because vicious rumors were spread that on Pesach the Jews kill gentile children and drink their blood … so the Jews started opening their doors so people could see nothing so vile and disgusting was going on…Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. popped in my head this morning and I asked HIM to give me a deeper love for HIS People and their land.

  3. Never heard of THAT before, Sylvia!  😮  I thought it was because Elijah was foretold to come again, and they opened the door to welcome him, should this be the time.  ((Also, John the Baptist – “the Elijah that is come”, according to Messiah – was born ON Passover, if Yeshua was concieved ON Hannukah, and born ON Sukkot.))  :thumbsup:

  4. I have always felt your timeline was more “right” than hers…but I can’t say *why*.  Just….it makes sense to me.   RH HAS to be the rapture, because of the feast fulfillment cycle……so….yeah.  :spin:

  5. Gee, thanks alot.  Now I’m wanting to study my Bible and repost my mid-trib rapture article.  🙄  That’s okay, I meant to do it any day now anyhow, but I’m supposed to be catching up and recooperating from having a cold, and from a late night last night.
    Okay….  I’m going to reboot laundry, and then crack open my Bible and post a mid-trib article.  yes, I’m a mid-tribber.  :p  My studies have led me to believe that the seventh trumpet marks the half-way point of the tribulation, and according to 1 Cor. 15-51-52, the rapture happens at the last trumpet.  Anyhoo, I’m off to study.
    PS – I love it when you make end time posts like this.  :thumbsup:

  6. Just wanted to drop you a quick line, and let you know I just now finished putting up my rapture article, if you’re interested.  😉

  7. Whoops forgot to give you the URL.  :wry:  My blog is at

  8. (hugs Candy and Anna gleefully for doing such good and careful research and not posting continual fluff).

  9. I don’t think it’s about being right/wrong, but watchful.  Messiah said – in several different places at several different times – to WATCH, and if you don’t know what you’re watching, how can you obey?  Speculation isn’t about being right, it’s about the various possibilities and being aware of what scenarios are plausible, so that we can fulfill His command, and watch with great sobreity and vigilance.  :yes:

  10. Amen Anna.

  11. What if the beast is really a beast,,, like we are the body. What if the beast is the Reich? The Reich,that we thought was dead, a fetal blow it did take? And beloved Israel became a nation, just like Eloheem said.  What if Abedinejad is forming the 4th Reich. What if that’s the beast that was slain. What is Edom is a live and behind it all? Ever wonder why Edom is spoke of in end times but we don’t know where he is… hiding I think, maybe in plain view. Sorry for the out burst Hubby says I’m weird.
    Israel has sign many peace deals… When I  use the Hebrew calender I have signs in the heavens that started this past Rosh HaShanah, then 3.5 years later falls another exactly on the 9th of Adar( the day every Jew laments) then 3.5 years later RoshHaShanah again. Eclipes.. there are triads of eclipes coming up on the feasts. This cycle won’t happen again for 400 and something years. This is off the top of my head. I would have to go in and Nasa to research it again. I think I blogged it but don’t remember.

  12. @Godpickedme – About the ‘tetrad’… yeah, so that guy said.  Only he said we had to be raptured Sept 2008 because of it.  Oops… here we are…!  :p

  13. Anna, what guy??? I’m sorry.
    I’m a fellow watcher and a worker in the vineyard. I can look for my information but I tell you the facts are the facts. As far as the rapture, I thrown up my arms up and say, I don’t know as far as the rapture goes. I watch.. I thought it could be this year,the end of the sabatical year, during the Days of Awe but  RoshHaShanah,Yom Kippur, Sukot, Simkot Torah? One more time…But wait in the parable the bridegroom.. he is late. Remember,Lord tells us…. the bridegroom came at midnight. A jewish bridegroom should be there around 4pm.  He doesn’t come on time, he is late.  I try to remember to stay full of the Spirit (the oil) and not lose hope.
    I think this coming Shabbat will be interesting. We have Venus isn’t beautiful I look at her every night Venus to the Hebrew  is the bride, Mars is also bright mars is Adon in Hebrew.. the color red or blood, could mean war. DAAHH
     I have many hours checking out  the Super Moon you tipped me off too. Very interesting,could be devasting. Also, meteor showers are expected but hard to see because of the bright moon. Then there’s the  valcano that just errupted in Puerto Rico. Things are happening. Earthquakes happen all the time. I would like to see one take out the “abomination of desilation” on top of the Temple Mount. That would be a sign,,huhh.
    BTW did you know Obama is a 10th cousin of Bush once removed. There all from Europe. I don’t think he is the anti messiah!! but interesting.

  14. It should be” isn’t Venus beautiful”


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