The Earthquake Thing

Well, I got some interesting feedback in regards to my question the other day.  I’d said that I thought that the ‘do not hurt the oil and wine’ from Revelation 6 was in regards to an earthquake that covered the farming portion of our nation with ash, but because vines (wine) and trees (olive oil, in Yeshua’s time) are easy to find and save.  But when my earthquake didn’t manifest in 2008, I wanted to know what you thought.  Interesting to pick your brains – I value the people who read here, they’re a good bunch.

Some of the ideas included:
♦  Oil/wine are medicinal; mercy still available at this time (Lk 10:34)
♦  Oil/wine grow in warm climates – weather change?
♦  Oil/wine are harvested by hand (suggesting possible EMP)
♦  Oil/wine are processed products – stored goods all that remain?
♦  Oil/wine aren’t affected by current wheat rust outbreak
♦  Oil/wine represent wealthy not being effected by recession/depression
♦  Oil/wine keep while wheat doesn’t store as long/well
♦  Oil/wine doesn’t require pollination (is this true?)
♦  Oil (=spirit) and wine (=blood): worship of Yah not impeded yet

And I told you that maybe I’m wrong about my 6-month suggestion, and it’ll happen tomorrow.  Remember that?  Well, I got chided for that one in the wee hours this morning.  Don’t cast doubt where I’ve given you something Oh. Crap.  Now THAT did not come from me.  And He’s notorious for speaking to me when I’m lying in bed, too warm to get up, too awake to sleep.  I got the six-month suggestion the same way – in the wee hours of the morning.  In light of the latest message, I felt a *little* humbled.  Bad enough when other people show up and sneer at me – here I am, wondering and wavering, myself!  Sucks to be human.

So… okay, I need to stick with the six-month suggestion, but drop the earthquake thing?  But what about Yellowstone?  I still see a major U.S. earthquake happening.  The full moon is next week.

 And I beheld when He had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake…  Seal six.  You mean the clusters we’re seeing could be the precursor to the six seal earthquake… that’ll be a BIG quake.  When we had the December 26 Indonesian quake, it was an 8.1 and it actually threw the earth off course a little.  Could you imagine a BIGGER quake than that?  And that was underwater – I don’t know how much the water absorbed of the impact.  If it were on terra firma, would it be stronger/worse?

When?  When is seal six?  Well, I personally see that as the time of the rapture.  But…  Um, let’s see, if we’re going into seal four (now, in January), then July 1st would begin seal five, and based on Rev 6:10, it could either be that the period lasts LONGER (’til Rosh Ha’Shana 2010 – making it mid-trib), or Matthew 24:22 it would be SHORTENED (only ’til Rosh Ha’Shana 2009 – making it pre-wrath), and I expect it to be similar to the events of Matthew 27:50-52:  Jesus, when He had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.  And… the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;  (earthquake!) And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose (rapture?!),  And came out of the graves after His resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many (two witnesses?).  Of course, if THAT’s when the witnesses come, and they’re prophecied to witness for 1260 days (3.5 years), then…

Anyhow, so then there WILL BE a biggie coming up, either this summer (September 2009) or the next.  So I’m premature in that expectation.  Which means one of the above oil/wine scenarios is accurate.  Or maybe MORE than one of them… but since I have to stay with the six-month suggestion (meaning the oil/wine is passed), then only three of the suggestions are viable – the medicinal, the worship and the oil/wine equals wealth scenarios.  I lean towards the wealth one (because of the economic fulfillment of seal three).

Anyhow, I just had to write this, because… well, He decides, I report.  ((<< punny twist on Fox News slogan.  Nevermind.))  *LoL!!*

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  1. what do you think about the seals/trumpets or trumpets/vials happening at the same time?  there was a thread about it on fulfilled and i thought it was a neat argument…  if the earthquake happens, could it come at the same time as  another seal?  but that would change your timeline….i think….maybe not
    anyway…one lady in my home group brought up the fact that if this is the end times, it’s not so bad.  well, it’s not bad for us, YET, but what about the jews and the christians in other parts of the world.  will the judgements affect all?  or just some?  or only happen in certain parts of the world? 
    I keep thinking that if this is it, and it isn’t so bad, all the more for the chrischuns to be deluded and the watchers to be thought of as nut nut dorks (heehee).
    i think it’s great that Yah talks to you so early!  what a great way to start the day (well, except for the chidding part).  my 3.5 yr old keeps asking why God doensn’t talk to him (even though he keeps talking to Him)….i said God talks to you in your heart…it’s the best i could come up with…aren’t kids cute?

  2. Well, it’s not bad -yet….but it keeps getting worse as the seals/trumpets/vials are opened.   Just look at the plagues in Egypt – each one got progressivly worse, but the Hebrews were kept OUT of the final 6 (just like the Believers will be kept out of the final 2 sets this go ’round.)
    I was reading Hosea this AM, and noticed how his prophecies are eerily pertainent today.  That’s an interesting way to start the morning, let me tell you! 😉

  3. …and there’s the ole, “If He delays” scripture.  Maybe this is a delay?

  4. Don’t say anything to me about my ‘duh’ comment above please.  You already said in your post it could be a delay.  You are always one step ahead of me (truth be known…more than one step).  I just really get excited when I read your posts sometimes, and feel like I have to comment, only to made a fool.  I’m not the smartest cookie out there, but I love the Lord.  I also like reading your site.

  5. :crosseye: I do that ALL the time – don’t feel bad! :littlekiss:

  6. I have had one similiar correction & it was (still is too) very humbling. The church I attended before the more is very small and mostly old people. The average age is about 70 & when we moved we took 90% of the Sunday school with us. For many years I would pray for the church to wake up & grow but too no avail. One night/early morning I woke praying ‘I know you don’t want your church to close’ and heard – plain as day- “How do you know that?” urmmm… straight to the point & very humbling. But if God wasn’t listening he wouldn’t answer and if he didn’t care he wouldn’t correct. Now I still pray for those lovely old people but “thy will be done” because what do I know? (not being smart alecky either)

  7. That should be before the move.

  8. Anonymous

     /  January 7, 2009

         If you re-read the bible and remove-for now, the religious aspect, and look at the writings as a glimpse into the past, The morals, the standards of life, the rules and laws, what you will find is, what was of value in the, long ago desert. In early Christianity, the local gin mill was the cathloic church. This has carried on in both Judism and Christianity. 

  9. I am in agreement with you that things are escalating and the Yellowstone thing caught my mind yesterday – definitely the earthquakes and weather anomalies are fiercer and closer together.  One interesting place to find data on storms and things is the Pew Group – it is a secular “green” sort of group.  I was doing research for Pastor Don and came across them.  He has been researching the points that Jesus predicted in Matthew 24 & 25, and wanted me to find secular varification of them for his prophesy conference.  Incredible how the only thing left is for the Gospel to be preached in the whole world, not many places left that have not heard the Gospel.
    Have a blessed day,

  10. amber

     /  January 8, 2009

    have the people of Isreal, or Isreal itself, ever been represented as oil and wine?  in this current war, they have only had like 5 deaths and hamas has suffered like 600??? 


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