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Okay, so I posted the Jeremiah thing Friday… the verses that sounded like prophetic timelining that led up to 2012 and then stopped.  Then Saturday I recapped my six-month suggestion, and said that if Solana’s ENPI is the 7-year covenant (from Daniel 9:27) that starts the Tribulation, then from 2007 would put the Battle of Meggido between Yom Kippur 2013 and Yom Kippur 2014, right?  ((I’m not technical enough at the moment to figure it out more precisely).  Well, that’s a problem… because 2012 is the ‘end of the world cycle’ for the Mayans, and the ‘end’ if Jeremiah *is* a timeline… but it doesn’t match up with Mark Blitz’ tetrad eclipses.  ((Mark Blitz says that there are a ‘tetrad’ of eclipses on Jewish Holy Days every time something major and is fulfilled Biblically.  He says the next one is 2014-2015.))  Which – if we go seven years out from 2007’s ENPI would match, but other stuff doesn’t.

So if that confused you, here it is, simplified:
Mark Blitz:  End in 2014
7yrs from ENPI: End in 2014/2012 (wait for it…)
Jeremiah:  End in 2012
Mayans:  End in 2012

Now there’s something I want to point out.  In Daniel, it says the covenant will be MADE for seven years, but that covenant will be broken halfway through.  So if 2007’s ENPI starts the Trib, and the ENPI goes ka-put in 2010, then all bids are off on a 7-year Trib.  In other words, just because the covenant was SUPPOSED to be seven years doesn’t mean the Trib will be, because the covenant doesn’t LAST seven years.  Dig me?  So 2012 is just as viable an option as 2014.  I haven’t enough information at this point to come to a conclusion on which it is, personally.  I don’t know Blitz, don’t trust the Mayans, and am leaning towards 2012 because of the broken covenant thing (and the ‘days shortened’ thing in Matthew 24:22).  In other words if you look at the list above, it’s three-to-one.  Sorry, Blitz.  Maybe the New Earth will be christened with the tetrad in 2014, dude.

Anyhow, I wanted to add another one to that list.  One given by a guy who’s NOT spiritual in nature.  George Ure is a futures predicter, basing his estimations on webbots and data, not on scripture.  It’s very interesting stuff, and is usually extraordinarily close to what actually happens, so I have a good time watching him.  But this week, instead of looking to current webbot data for information, he looked at… history.

Here’s what he wrote, cut from his site at (link):

There’s a chart you need to see…but before looking at it, set down your coffee cup and take a deep breath because this chart – which I shared with Peoplenomics subscribers last weekend – ought to scare the hell out of you:  It shows how the ‘hot money’ in the NASDAQ Composite since the All-Time High of 2000 has been almost a dead-to-nuts replay of the collapse of the 1930’s. 


This is what happens when you line up the Composite from March 2000 with the Dow from its September high in 1929.  NOT something that anyone has probably bothered pointing out to you, is it?I’m sharing this with you because there’s a small (but statistically significant) chance that since the Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ set their (purchasing power parity) all-time-highs in 2000, we may all be living out the running of the 4,479 day clock that ran from the Dow weekly high close (9/3/1920) to the US entry into World War II (December 1941).


As long as I’m ruining your morning, here are the specific target dates:


Date of S&P 500 ATH 2000   3/24/2000
Add in 4479 days to project next Trough War 6/28/2012
Date of NASDAQ ATH 2000   3/10/2000
Add in 4479 days to project next Trough War 6/14/2012
Date of DOW 30 ATH 2000   1/14/2000
Add in 4479 days to project next Trough War 4/19/2012


I don’t often share the proprietary content of Peoplenomics, but consider this a humanitarian gesture on my part.

Now in case I (Anna) haven’t told you, I don’t *get* most of this.  What I do understand is that he took the HIGH number before the stock market crash of 1929 and matched it to the HIGH number before 9/11 (when everything started going downhill), and went 4479 days (12yrs) out… which was 1941 (start of WWII) in history, and is 2012  for us.  Look at the uncanny way it matches up.  And if we’re talking correlations, then the start of WWII would correlate to…  ((grins)).

Very interesting, though, isn’t it?  The way it all matches up just fascinates the hell out of me.  And wait – because I’m not done.  Coming tomorrow – let’s see what NASA has predicted… for 2012.

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  1. I’ve already been hearing about one but found another in doing a scroogle search – now to wait & see which you discuss. I’m guessing storms but would love if it was Venus.

  2. I saw George’s chart and was *waiting* for you to post on it! 😉  Instead of looking, I’ll see what you’ve got on NASA…..

  3. Very interesting!


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