Prophecy & the Fall Feasts

((“Where does this Leave us? – a Recap”))
 – Part I of V in a series

Good afternoon.  I’m still here.  So are you.
This means one thing only:  There wasn’t a Rosh Ha’Shana rapture.

Not the first time that’s happened.  Please recall that I’ve been observing the feasts since 2003… Six Years.  This is NOT my first countdown and time of hope that we will be taken.  And no, it’s not an escape strategy.  I just figure if I have the choice between aging, sickness, heartache, sin, dirt, death, misery, woe, angst and struggle… and PERFECTION and ETERNITY with my Lord… hello, is there even a question as to what I’d wish for?!  No Christ-follower in their right mind wouldn’t be looking with longing at the day to be united in body AND spirit with their Messiah.  And of course it’s a disappointment that we’re still here, but frankly, it only means there’s more for me to do, and I can take up that challenge and learn and grow and share and hope some more, right?

My first observance of the fall feasts was in 2003, and I was SO SURE that He called me to it just as it was going to happen… and then nothing happened.  So then I thought maybe I was too eager and rushing Him and that He was giving me a year to ‘convert’ out of christianity and get right with Him… but it wasn’t 2004, either.  By 2005 I’d learned about Solana’s ENPI, and knew that the start date of the 7-year ‘covenant with many’ was set for 2007, which meant there were TWO YEARS for the rapture if it was pre-Trib (as I was at the time – thank you, church brainwashing).  But it wasn’t 2005, OR 2006.  And I had a serious problem.  I had to change my whole belief base of the end times.  Because the ENPI stopped for no man, and we were entering the Tribulation.

((NoTe:  I can hear some of you saying, “well, maybe the ENPI isn’t the 7-year covenant”.  I’m sorry, but I cannot agree.  I was TOLD it was when I was given the Six-Month Suggestion.  Believe what you want, but I refuse to believe He would give me false information.  Adonai does not lie.  We are in the Tribulation.))

Moving from pre-Trib to pre-Wrath was a huge jump for me, because I was afraid of what being in the Seal Judgments meant for us.  Let’s face it – you read Revelation 6 and it certainly doesn’t sound good.  But what I wasn’t seeing was that the “Beginning of Sorrows” in Matthew 24 and the Seal Judgments of Revelation 6 were the SAME LINE-UP.  The keyword being BEGINNING…of Sorrows.  The kick-off, start of things.  It wasn’t going to be as devastating as I thought.  In fact, it was WAY LESS than I was expecting – which was silly of me.  If the rapture is to come ‘like a thief’ to those who aren’t sober and vigilant, then the Beginning of Sorrows couldn’t possibly be attention-grabbing.  It doesn’t fit, does it?

Being in the Seal Judgments could be compared to being in the first set of plagues in Egypt in Moses’ time.  It was apparent something wasn’t right, that things were going down the crapper, but it wasn’t life/death trouble.  And recall that the Jews went thru the first of three sets of plagues, but NOT the second and third sets.

So I wasn’t really expecting the rapture in 2007 or 2008.  Mostly I was watching the Six-Month Suggestion – that the four horsemen would be sent out each in his own six-month period. I was TOLD the ENPI was the covenant, I was TOLD that a horseman would ride every six months after the ENPI started, and it happened exactly as I was told. 

Jan-June 07 was the ENPI
July-Dec 07 was the AoC formation
Jan-June 08 was the start of the King of the North’s moves
July-Dec 08 was the first economic global crash
Jan-June 09 was the emergence of swine flu pandemic

From there, I got muddled.  Mostly because a) I held a church (aka WRONG) view of seal five – I thought the martyrs meant *WE* would be martyred.  But that’s not the case.  And b) July1 to Rosh Ha’Shana 2009 wasn’t six months… although did we NEED six months for seal five, since it doesn’t pertain to us?  I didn’t know.  All I knew was that the Trib started in 2007, the horsemen rode every six months thru July 2009, and the events to follow included:

  • Seal 5: Martyrs petitioning the Lord from ‘under the altar’, as to how much longer they would have to wait to be avenged.  Frankly, it sounds like they’ve been dead for a while, now… that doesn’t fit those dying during another six-month period.  People don’t die for their christianity and then whine six-months later about how LONG they’ve had to wait to be avenged… not when there are people who’ve been dead for decades, CENTURIES, etc.  It doesn’t make sense!
  • Seal 6: Preview of Coming Attractions, including massive earthquake, sun darkening, moon as red as blood, stars falling, heaven rolling back, etc.  Which the church mostly holds is the wrath, but I have trouble with that, too… because it seems odd that in the ‘BEGINNING of Sorrows’ we have a full-scale catastrophe.  This also doesn’t fit.  And yes, there’s a verse (Rev 6:17) that says ‘The great day of the Lord’s wrath has come!’… but note who says it – not a heavenly authority or even the author of the book… it’s the cowering idiots on earth, who are WRONG about everything, anyhow.  Hard to buy they know exactly WHAT it is, let alone believe they know it’s the wrath.  They haven’t SEEN wrath, yet.
  • Sealing of Jews: 144,000 Hebrews sealed by an angel so they won’t be harmed in the Tribulation here on earth.  This, like the martyr seal, doesn’t affect us, as it’s not a) physical, that we know of, and b) is directed to a specific group of people, not the world in general.  So would it have a specific period of time to occur in (like the horsemen seals)?  We can’t mark this time period, anyhow, frankly.
  • Saints at the Throne: Multitudes from all nations, races, tribes, tongues dressed in white at the throne, and the angel says they ‘came out of the Tribulation’.  THIS is the rapture… and it happens BEFORE Seal 7, which isn’t a biggie, because the last seal of each set is the start of the NEXT set of judgments.
  • THEN the seventh seal, and silence for ‘about a half an hour’.  This does NOT occur until after the Jews are sealed and Heaven opens for business (aka the rapture), so we can’t figure this ‘half an hour’ in as a time frame for ANY of the above.

((NoTe:  I find it amazing and wondrous that we even HAVE the line-up to look at.  He didn’t have to tell us ANYTHING, you know.  But instead, we have a ‘program’ to follow along with, anticipate, and reference.  Tell me that isn’t a blessing!))

So in my estimation, these things are NOT given time frames (because we can’t mark them, anyhow).  So they could have happened between July 2009 and this Rosh Ha’Shana.  And I can’t even say that one or more of them didn’t… it’s totally possible that one of them was fulfilled DURING Rosh Ha’Shana this year.  We just don’t know.  All we know is that it *wasn’t* the saints at the throne, yet.

Which brings us to several possibilities.  And to be honest, from here it gets REALLY meaty, because the more I wrote, the more I considered… the deeper and more complex it got!  So I thought it would be best to split things into three segments, so that people could chew over the information in smaller bits.  Besides… this is a substantial blog in and of itself, already. 

Tomorrow I’ll REALLY jam on your brains, but for today I needed to recap where I’ve been, so I can tell you where I am, and then move on to where I’m going!

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