Prophecy & the Fall Feasts

((“Options and Patterns to Consider”))
 – Part II of V in a series

Yesterday I pointed out the obvious:

a) that we weren’t raptured during Rosh Ha’Shana.
b) that the ENPI started of the 7-year Tribulation, to my mind
c) that every 6 months a horseman (seals 1-4) rode out 2007-2009
d) that there were four things that were of undetermined time to
    occur BEFORE the 7th seal that may or may not have happened yet.

((NoTe: Wow, four horsemen, now four other events, and we’re not even out of the seal judgments yet… you know me and fours… The number four being the number of trial/testing/fire!.)) 

Those four things of undetermined time were an issue in the last post.  The four things being: Martyrs’ plea, Preview of Wrath, Sealing of Jews, and the Rapture, and the reason they were a problem was because 2009 is the ONLY possible year for a pre-wrath rapture, as 2010 is the mid-Trib point, which would (obviously) be a mid-Trib rapture (which some people ALSO see as a pre-wrath rapture).  But the horsemen (seals 1-4) took us up to July 1, 2007… and that leaves just two and a half months for those things to happen in.  Which they could – they’re of undetermined time, remember.  But we wouldn’t know, because it’s not like you SEE/WITNESS the martyrs who are dead petitioning Adonai.  It’s not like you SEE/WITNESS the sealing of the Jews.  Likewise, I don’t think people will SEE the preview of coming attractions or the rapture… unless they’re being raptured.  Hence the whole ‘in a flash – in the twinkling of an eye’ thing.

So these things COULD happen in a short period of time.  Or they could take longer… as in, what if the six-month thing carried on thru the rest of the seals?  ((Hypothetically, of course – I don’t hold this view.))  But that would make the Martyrs’ Plea from July 09 thru December 09, and the Preview of Wrath from January 2010 thru June 2010.  Then we STILL would have to squeeze the Sealing of the Jews into a 3-month period so’s we could have a fall feast rapture.  It just doesn’t make sense that something we can’t mark with time would be marked with time like that.  To me, anyhow.  But I could be wrong… it has happened before (hello, christian for 30 years…).

So what are the options?  Well, here are my thoughts.

  • A Yom Kippur 2009 Rapture.  I’ll explain why in part III, when I write about the ‘Ten Days of Awe’ that we are in right now… that frankly confuse the crap out of me.  Tomorrow you’ll see…  But the reason I keep looking at THIS YEAR is because of Solana’s October retirement, the signs lining up in the heavens… just stuff.  Gut feeling.  The fact that HpH’s report seems to start the trumpet judgments in October and follow Revelation 8 verse by verse from there.  Too many things adding up.
  • A Rosh Ha’Shana 2010 Rapture.  Which would also be a mid-Trib rapture, since 2010 is halfway thru a 7-year ENPI, isn’t it?  But I’ve had trouble with this stance, because
              a) it’s KIND of obvious (to those of us watching
                  and aware of the ENPI, Anna, not to anyone else!), and
    what ‘fits in’ the rest of this coming year?  It’d have to be Seal 5
                  and 6… six months, each?  No confirmation on that, so it’s just
                  a suggestion… it’d be seal five July-Dec 09 and then seal six
                  Jan-June 2010 with the sealing of saints NEXT Elul, and rapture
                  RH2010?  Possible… but I just can’t accept it, for some reason.
  • A 3-step Rapture.  This idea came from my friend FiberAddict, and I’m still contemplating it… building on it.  She said:  “OK, so what if Rosh Ha’Shana ISN’T the Rapture, but the Rapture IS a partial fulfillment? I can see this – Judgement Day (the Elect are judged worthy of NOT suffering) or Sukkot (c’mon – Tabernacles? We’re GOING to THE Tabernacle!)”  In other words… like Christ’s mission was completed in a 3-step feast fulfillment, so would the rapture be.  Yeshua died on Passover, was in the grave during Unleavened Bread, resurrected on Firstfruits… all three of the spring feasts connected and part of His act of redemption.  So why wouldn’t all three of the fall feasts be connected and part of OUR redemption as His bride?  Her idea sent me off to chart my thoughts, because there is more than one fulfillment of these feasts, anyhow.  Take a look at this:

                **  That the FIRST fulfillment of the fall feasts were:
                      = Creation of heavens/earth set into motion (RH)
                      = Judgment of Satan/minions (YK)
                      = Fellowship w/God in Eden
                                and the creation of the first man (Sukkot)

                **  That the SECOND fulfillment of the fall feasts were:
                      = Conviction of heavens/earth set into motion (RH)
                      = Judgment of Israel via Torah (law) (YK)
                      = Fellowship w/God via the 1st Tabernacle
                               and the creation of High Priest position (Sukkot)

                **  That the THIRD fulfillment of the fall feasts were:
                      = Salvation of heavens/earth set into motion (RH)
                      = Judgment of sin/death (YK)
                      = Fellowship w/God on Earth
                                and the birth of Messiah (the second man) (Sukkot)

               **  That the FOURTH fulfillment of the fall feasts were:
                      = Redemption of heavens/earth set into motion (RH)
                      = Judgment/Baptism of Yeshua (Luke 3:22)  (YK)
                      = Fellowship w/God in the Wilderness 40 days/nights
                                and the annointing of Messiah (Sukkot)

                **  That the FIFTH fulfillment of the fall feasts will be:
                      = Reaping of heavens/earth set into motion (RH)
                      = Judgment Seat of Christ (YK)
                      = Fellowship w/God in Heaven
                                 and the restoration to incorruptible man (Sukkot)

               **  That the SIXTH fulfillment of the fall feasts will be:
                      = Destruction of heavens/earth set into motion (RH)
                      = Judgment of Lamb/Goats at Great White Throne (YK)
                      = Fellowship w/God in New Heaven
                                  and the creation of the New Earth (Sukkot)

Look closely at the patterns found within this.  They’re uncanny.  And I think I’m missing two fulfillments, btw, because five isn’t a number Yahweh uses often in his patterns – it would make more sense for there to be seven.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what the other two are.  Still…  VERY interesting and amazing!  VERY in-keeping-with His penchant for patterns.  VERY kewl.  Could use a little help with the second fulfillment’s possible judgment – either that or some time to ‘ponder these things in my heart’… and see what I’m shown.  If you have any ideas on that, you know how to reach me… otherwise, I’ll be searching the Word for information on that to fill in the blank.

And of course in fulfillment #3, the ‘Judgment seat of Christ’ lends itself to rapture, doesn’t it?  (More on that tomorrow, as I’ve said…)  This is fascinating!!!

And further… does this mean there are more than one spring feast fulfillment, too, for example…?  I know John the Baptist was born on Passover, Elijah is prophesied to return in the future on Passover (one of the two witnesses of Revelation), and Christ’s death was on Passover… I could do a whole ‘nother study on this!

Anyhow, that’s the direction my thoughts are in today.  And it’s DEEP and it’s MEATY and it’s LAYERED and it’s DIFFICULT… but that also makes it very worthwhile to dig into scripture and learn and grow!  Pushing yourself is how you get stronger, you know.  And I’m still so far from being where I know I need to be…

uPDaTe:  My friend messaged me with one of the RH/YK/Sukkot events I missed – Moses went up Sinai (according to tradition) on the first day of Elul, received the Law on RH, brought the law to the People on Rosh Ha’Shana (I found verses that confirm the 40-day period tradition states), and directly after that began the construction of the first tabernacle… fellowship with God.  Way to go, V!  I’m adding it to the above list!


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