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        ((“The 10 Days of Awe = 10-year Trib?”))
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Yesterday I finally hit on the topic I had ORIGINALLY meant to write about after Rosh Ha’Shana: The Ten Days of Awe.  There are ten days from Rosh Ha’Shana to Yom Kippur, and what I wanted to suggest then is the topic of TODAY’S post…

…Only when I went to get the information on it, I learned that the Ten Days of Awe were another period of repentance and preparation.  Unlike the 30-day period of Elul, though, this was a period of personal (or, inward/spiritual) repentance and preparation.  You recall I clean my house top to bottom, return all videos, library books, and borrowed items, finish up projects, check our will and write a rapture letter to help others adjust… and just generally get my WORLD in order during Elul.  Well, the Ten Days of Awe are when you get your faith… your heart in order.

Which, of course, led me to the question “if we’re still getting things in order AFTER Rosh Ha’Shana, then were we actually supposed to have been raptured during that feast?”  And frankly, the more I look at it, the more my answer becomes ‘NO’.  Then, when a friend suggested that the fall feasts were a progression of events, I drew up a chart… and saw that Rosh Ha’Shana is a ‘kick-off’ date in Heaven, NOT a manifestation/event date here on earth.  In fact, all of the previous fulfillments of Rosh Ha’Shana have been ‘kick-off’ dates in heaven… NOT event dates on earth!  What a blow to the beliefs I’d held up until now!  (What’s new on THAT front…?)

It’s been a while since I talked about the ‘reality of duality’.  I wish I could take credit for that title, but it’s from TorahClass… and it just means that with Yahweh, there’s more than one meaning behind things, usually a symbolic and a physical one.  For example, circumcision.  In the beginning circumcision was the cutting of the foreskin on a male to SYMBOLIZE that person cutting himself off from sin.  Then Messiah came and provided Himself as sacrifice for all, and when He was PHYSICALLY cut-off for our sins, became the ‘blood offering’, we no longer had to partake in ANY of the OT laws/practices that involved bloodshed.  Not because bloodshed is no longer required (as the ‘church’ teaches), but because the bloodshed that is STILL required today is provided by Yeshua’s past/present/future gift on the cross.  And yeah, that’s tough to wrap your mind around, but really not, if you stop and let it soak in.

I believe there’s a ‘reality of duality’ in the Ten Days of Awe, too.  Well, I have, anyhow.  ((The way things are being revealed and I’m having to adjust to them lately, who knows!?))  I have believed that not only are the Ten Days of Awe a period of time between two feasts (as was the OT observance), but that they are ALSO symbolically important, because there are TEN years from the start of the Tribulation to the end of it.

But wait – aren’t there SEVEN years?  you ask.  Well… there are several passages that MENTION seven years.  For example, Daniel 9:27, where the ‘AntiChrist’ is foretold to make a ‘covenant with many’ for ‘one week’ (which is seven years in Daniel-speak).  But if you read the REST of the verse, it says that the covenant will be BROKEN halfway through.  That means it was meant to be seven years long, but didn’t make it.  We’re only assured 3.5 years, and after that, all bets are off.  ((Bet your church doesn’t teach you THAT!))

Okay… but what about the prophecies about the Jews being attacked militarily and counter-striking before those attacking them even reach Israel… and the destruction being so phenomenal that it takes SEVEN YEARS to burn the weapons? you ask.  Sure!  That’s in scripture (and it looks like we’re approaching that particular event pretty fast, these days, doesn’t it?).  But think about this: if that indicates a seven-year Tribulation period, they’d be attacking BEFORE the Trib, and spend the entire time of God’s wrath burning weapons.  Doesn’t fit s’well logically.

As you know, I’m convinced we entered into the Tribulation in January of 2007, when the High Representative of the EU put into play a 7-year termed covenant with the Middle Eastern nations called the “European Neighborhood Initiative Policy” (ENPI) – of which Israel signed onto first.  It’s the first time in history – EVER – that a ‘little horn’ from among the ‘ten horns’ of the Revived Roman Empire has ‘confirmed a covenant with many’ for ‘one week’… fulfilling the Daniel 9:27 prophecy.  And considering the timing… well, it matches up perfectly.  I can’t NOT believe that’s it.  And yes, Antiochus Ephiphanes (of the first Roman Empire) did make a covenant with Israel and break it and then sacrificed pigs (unclean offerings!) on the altar in God’s Temple… but he was from the WRONG Empire to fulfill the prophecy – he was another prototype, another ‘reality of duality’.

If I’m right and Solana’s ENPI is the actual fulfillment (that went into effect January 2007), then 2010 is the mid-point of the Tribulation.  And if we went with the church’s assumption (based on NO facts at all) that the Trib is 7-years, then what about Elijah and Moses?  Because they’re set to appear on the scene here on earth again in the future for three and a half years, right?  Then lay dead in the streets for three days, broadcast on national TV for the world to celebrate, before they get up, dust themselves off, and ascend into Heaven before everyone’s eyes.  The problem is, Elijah is prophesied to come again on Passover (the Jews actually open their back door every Passover to ‘welcome’ him back).  That means the soonest they could show up in Israel is April 2010… that REALLY squeezes them time-wise, considering they need three years, six months, and three days, minimum!  It puts their ascension a month and a week before the Battle of Armegeddon.  It just doesn’t really FIT all that well.  It could, I suppose, but would the world be rejoicing over their deaths a month before all the nations of the world arrive in Israel for the Final Showdown?  Or would they be preparing for war and not so concerned about the corpses of two dead dudes who breathed fire and burned soldiers to a crisp?  It doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I mean, you could squeeze it in there, but it seems unlikely that it’d go down that way, logically.

Then there’s Revelation 8:1.  After the first six seal judgments, the sealing of the Jews, the rapture of the saints… then the seventh seal is opened, and it says there’s ‘silence in heaven for the space of half an hour’.  Half of an hour/event would be (if you went with a 7-year Trib) three and a half years.  THEN we move into the second and third sets of judgments.  Doesn’t work so well for a 7-year Trib, does it?  BUT…! If we have ten years, we have 3.5 years for the seal judgments (2007-2010) and then seven years for the wrath… which gives LOTS of time for the two witnesses, the war with Israel/Gog/Magog, etc. 

Wait, though.  Three 3.5 year periods add up to ten and a HALF years, not ten, Anna.  That’s right… and Yeshua said in Matthew 24:22 that the ‘time would be shortened for the sake of the elect.’  He’s GOT to be right – He’s Messiah. The ten-year theory leaves half a year for Him to shorten it by.  If you shorten seven years, Israel’s 7-year clean-up from war REALLY doesn’t fit, and neither do Elijah/Moses!

But most everything God sets up in scripture does have a double meaning.  So I can’t help but wonder if that ‘ten days’ reference isn’t MORE than just a transition from ‘Destruction set in motion in Heaven’ to ‘Judgment at the Great White Throne’.  Maybe it’s got another manifestation, too… a reality of duality.  And no, I can’t say that the Trib is ten years without a doubt, based on this.  It’s just a suggestion.  But it’s worth considering.  And slightly more believable than a 7-year Trib that isn’t even backed by scripture OR precedence.

Anyhow… some things to think about!

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