When the Web-Bots Confirm Me

As you know, I like to read George Ure’s UrbanSurvival site.  He and his friend Cliff read ‘linguistic’ data on-line as a means of telling the future.  It’s not 100%, because how people use words changes daily, but they get pretty durn close.  For example, they predicted the October 2008 economic crash to happen 10/10… it happened two days before that.  So that’s pretty durn close.  Like I said, close, but not always dead on.  Still, it’s fun to watch.

Anyhow, I also buy the HalfPastHuman reports that have been coming out every few months.  ((NoTe:  It seems the December report will be the last one, due to massive shifts in the language data sets that would need to be reprogrammed… and they don’t have the wherewithal to do it.))  I wasn’t too worried about it, because frankly the reports have been so freaking OFF compared to my timeline, that I couldn’t stand it.  HpH said that there would be escalating troubles thru 2012 – they are big proponents of the Mayan calendar thang (12/21/2012).  That’s when they said S would HTF, and then there’d be a ‘dead space’ from 2013 to 2014, when things would pick back up and go thru more turmoil in an effort to restabilize in 2038 or some long-off date like that.  ((I don’t know, I haven’t finished reading the FIFTY page report yet.))

Meanwhile, my timeline says that fall of this year is mid-Trib, the LAST chance for a mid-Trib AND pre-wrath rapture, and that while there’s potential for the rest of the Trib to take up to 2020, most likely it wouldn’t go past 2014.  I’m looking for a massive, catastrophic earthquake that will jar mountains and islands out of place, cause the sun to appear black, and cause ‘heaven to roll back as a scroll’… and I’m looking for it to happen between NOW and June 30th.  And I don’t see us restabilizing.  So my outlook/predictions didn’t match those of HpH’s…

Until yesterday. 
I checked in at George’s site, as I usually do, and read this:

At the macro level, there’s a serious problem in the data from Cliff that’s got me nervous, clock watching, and not at all pleased:   The event(stream) that people associate with December 2012 may not take that long to get here.  Could be coming along in October of 2011…and impacting over a 1-3 week kind of timeline, then bouncing along in bumps (with kind of flat plateaus to them) at a lot level until spring’ish of 2012 and then the data pretty much disappears for a year before trickling back online but at much reduced levels 2013-2014.


…The data has pretty much always had the ‘gap’ out in this period ahead – from 2000 it looks like a 2012 event and a mid 2013 kind of return.  Then in 2007 it looks like the gap was moving bigger as we got closer to it, shaping to before the much ballyhooed December.  But the key things is the far side of the gap moved back significantly.   Then in post processing Cliff’s been noodling (and understandably pretty depressed about) the ‘gap’ have moved closer to present (hence Oct 2011) while the far side has moved back even further, 2014-2015.

There’s no way to tear the data part for any greater number of clues.  Could be any one of a number of suspects that causes  what seems like a temporary collapse/decline and then partial recovery of humans.  Among the candidates are pole shift/axis shift (5-20º will ruin your day), could be the Middle East finally lets loose and we have a global nuclear free-for-all, or it could be that’s when the food shortages kick in.  Maybe a genetic war breaks out, or possibly something completely out of left field.  Volcanic calderas in Indonesia, New Zealand, and Long Lake/Yellowstone can’t be overlooked. 


A friend of mine called yesterday and asked “What if you guys are wrong?”  I told him the odds of that would go up dramatically IF we don’t have another ‘great quake’ before mid September  …Can’t put a number on it, but the data has enough dead people in it to make Haiti look like a resort within two years.

Needless to say, it seems the data is starting to ‘shrink’ up to match mine, not taking as long to get here as they were saying.  I underlined the stuff that he’s suspecting, and whaddya know, it’s the four seals that have begun over the past five six-month periods (per my Six-Month Suggestion):  war, economic upheaval, genetically-engineered pandemic, earthquakes that cause the earth to shift out of place… and whaddya know, he’s looking for a massive, catastrophic earthquake by September.

Gee, I wonder who they’re starting to sound like?  ((looks innocent))  Well, don’t blame me – I only play with the linguistic information… I get MY timeline from scripture.  It’s just coincidence that their stuff is starting to pull into line with Yahweh’s stuff, right?  ((wink!))

I just… had to say something, because I found it extremely interesting… and amusing.

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