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We reached the part of ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ last week where Apollyon fights with our protagonist.  Which of course meant we had to add Apollyon to our map.  And after having just written about demons/aliens, the description of Apollyon in our school readings fit perfectly.  Well… not sure where the ‘legs of a bear’ came from but the rest is exactly right.

So I had to post my Apollyon.  I just knew you’d want to see it.  ((wink!))  Besides, I kind of wanted to update our map here on this site.  In case you haven’t noticed (and you probably haven’t), I have been seriously re-vamping my home ed archive, closing up the alternative blog it used to be on, and making it more organized, appealing, and useful.  My goal is to open a Yahoo! Group, upload the files from my schooling, and put it all together in one place so that other people might use them, if they wish.  It’s a major undertaking, so it’s gonna take a while (if I get to it).  Anyhow, in the meantime, I’m updating the stuff here, so having the latest version of the map is kewl.

I… woke up thinking something the other morning.  ((<< You know what THAT means.))  I thought, “Half Past Human says that this summer religious establishments are going to start being taxed.  That means the government making money off people’s offerings.  Like the moneychangers in the temple.  It was the one time Yahshua got royally pissed of as a human.”  Then I thought, “Wait a second.  I’m looking for an ‘abomination’ to be set up in ‘the holy place’.  The moneychangers in the temple was an abomination to the Lord.  How would He look at the taxation of the churches/synagogues?  Grim outlook on that one.  It’s an abomination in His si… uh, wait a second.  What is supposed to happen this summer?  THE Abomination.  Could the coming taxation be the abomination?  Or tied into it, a precursor, the ‘beginning’ of it?”  It was a startling thought, because it certainly came out of the blue, and in the wee hours of the morning.  That’s when the Lord does His ‘sharing’ with me.  I… wanted to run it past you.  Or at least share what I was given. Cuz I certainly wasn’t dreaming about (or THINKING about) that!

Other thoughts: My friend V suggested that the 10 days between Rosh Ha’Shana and Yom Kippur are symbolic of the Millennium, as ‘a day is a hundred years’.  Actually, a day is a thousand years with the Lord (2 Peter 3:8), so it’d be 10,000 years, not a millennium.  HOWEVER… having said, there are 10,000 ‘years’ in the Book of Enoch.  They’re not actually years, but rather ‘covenantal periods’… I thought I did a post on this, but can’t find it, so I might have to do that, soon.  Anyhow, THAT could be what it symbolizes.  Among other things.

Which brings me to another comment.  Someone I don’t know – he called himself Michael – presented something interesting:

You are oh so close my friend. The time is no doubt at hand and the signs we’ve been seeing in the world this year (2010) are truly awe inspiring…1947 was the commandment (agreement) to give Israel it’s own state. 19 years later was 1967, the 6 day war when Israel captures Jerusalem and makes it the capitol.  1947 + 70 festival of weeks (as you stated above) = 2017.  Next, 1967 + 50 (Pentecost or Jubilee is 50) = 2017.  Now take Daniel 12′s 1290 and 1335 years and add them together = 2625 years.  So 2017 – 2625 = 608 BC – Read the 3rd paragraph:  Now add 1290 to 608 BC = 682 AD – right when the dome of the Rock mosque was being built on the temple mount in Jerusalem.  Add 1335 to 682 = 2017  It’s time my friend. The wars are about to cease just as Jesus calmed the raging waters that tossed the disciples ship to and fro.

Which fits perfectly with what RobertLeeRE said in a post about two weeks ago – he came to the same conclusion as Michael… that 2017 is when Yeshua will return.  In which case – if the ENPI started the Trib, the OTHER symbolic nuance of the Ten days of Awe would be that the Trib IS ten years (<< which I have been suspecting for quite some time, now.).  VERY interesting stuff, guys.

My friend V also suggested yesterday that the rapture isn’t OUT of this world, but merely to another dimension of this world.  She said she’d read about whole places (in Arthurian lore) being ‘taken away’ to other dimensions.  She suggested that it might happen in the ends – that Satan uses pagan lore to share some truth unbelieved by others – and that this is why we’re being called to prep, being prepped beyond our own aspirations … because all of those things will be ‘displaced’ to another realm, which would be ‘the wilderness’ in scripture.  I don’t know.  Frankly, I can’t tell you.  I have trouble with this because Revelation 7 puts us before the Throne in Heaven, so I can’t accept (at this time) the other scenario.  But I just don’t know.

Anyhow… a whole bunch of ideas for you to think about today.

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