Day Twenty-Seven: Rosh Ha’Shana 5771

aNNa’S NoTe:  I’m not into mysticism, Jewish or otherwise, but I found this VERY interesting!!  It’s from this site (… and I hope you enjoy it, too!

In preparation for the new year, like every year, we would like to explore the secrets of the number of the coming year—a year that will, God willing, bring with it good things. The coming year is 5771, which is usually abbreviated as 771 (dropping the thousands, as is customary).

In the 5750s, the Lubavitcher Rebbe made a custom of noting possible acronyms made up of the letters of the year. [As we all know, Hebrew letters have numerical values.]  The first two letters (which do not change throughout an entire century) always stand for, ‘May it be a year of’. What changes is the reference made by the final two letters. Following the Rebbe’s example, let us say that they stand for ‘Divine aid’. Thus the simple acronym of the coming year, 771, is May it be a year of Divine aid.  Specifically, …may this be a year of Divine aid in everything that we do, especially in completing our final task, bringing the Mashiach.

We are now finishing the year of 770, whose value is (among other things) ‘the house of Mashiach’. The simplest way to add 1 to a word or phrase is to insert the letter alef in it. In this case, adding an alef to ‘the house of Mashiach’ yields the phrase, ‘the coming of Mashiach’ . This phrase is very similar but not quite the same as the more well-known idiom ‘the coming of the Mashiach’ , which equals 776. …Using Hebrew letters, 5771 is written with the prefix hei designating 5 thousands. If we take this prefix hei and add it as is into the phrase ‘The coming of Mashiach’ , we get the second phrase, ‘the coming of the Mashiach’. So in a manner, the year 5771 refers to both phrases.

But now, let us turn to explore the difference in meaning between the two phrases. In Hebrew, prefixing a word with the letter hei is equivalent to the word ‘the’ in English. Here then, the difference is between ‘Mashiach’ and ‘the Mashiach’ How can we understand this in terms of the ‘coming of Mashiach?’ Without the declarative ‘the,’ Mashiach refers to every individual’s personal Mashiach, i.e., the spark of Mashiach within each and every Jew that is equivalent to the fifth and highest level of the soul, the singular one. With the declarative ‘the,’ ‘the Mashiach’ refers to the Mashiach we are all waiting for and with whose coming we will begin to experience the true and complete redemption.

…771 is a multiple of 3 so that when we divide 771 into 3 the result is 257, the gematria of the word ‘awesome’ or ‘awe-inspiring’. This word appears exactly 3 times in the Pentateuch, strengthening its identification with 771. One way of stating the relationship is to say that the coming year will be a triple awe-inspiring year.

…Regarding the second of the emotive sefirot, might, we find a gematria that connects it not with its extension on the left axis, acknowledgment, but rather with the sefirah of foundation that lies on the middle axis. The phrase in this case is taken from the blessing that Jacob gave to his son Dan, ‘May Dan be a snake lying upon the path’ , whose numerical value is of course 771.  In this verse, Jacob is blessing the tribe of Dan with the quality of leadership, associated with the sefirah of might. Indeed, the name Dan itself implies might, as it stems from ‘judgment’, a synonym of might.

aNNa’S NoTe:  So, for the sake of summary/clarity, here are the meanings of the coming year:

  • the ‘5770’ of last year means ‘house of Messiah’
  • the ’71’ of 5771 means ‘Divine Aid’. 
  • the ‘771’, when brought down to it’s root means ‘awe-inspiring. 
  • the ‘5771’ in full means ‘the coming of [a] Messiah’ AND ‘the coming of THE Messiah.
  • the ‘771’ as its own number is ‘judgment’ and ‘a snake lying in the path’

This brings to mind ‘I go to prepare a place for you’ (house of Messiah), and then ‘If I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again, and recieve you to unto myselfp that where I am, there ye may be also.’  To me, that’s indicative that the place (last year) is prepared, and this year will be the coming of messiah (the anti-Christ, the snake, lying in the path, prepared for judgment), as well as the coming of Messiah ‘behold, he cometh with clouds’, and ‘we shall meet Him in the air’.  Are the number meanings right?  I don’t know.  But it’s VERY interesting, indeed!

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