Year 5771’s Ushpizin

Isn’t it funny how you stumble across one thing, which takes you to things you never even KNEW there were to study?  It’s astounding to me.  Like a maze that keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Or like… the discovery of America – how far does this land go!?  Y’know?  Maybe I’m just simple-minded (probably, I lost more brain cells thru pregnancy…) but it just astonishes me.  Frankly, before this morning, I’d never even HEARD the word ‘ushpizin’, and now I’m writing about it?  Whack!

Here’s how it happened.  I read a blog post with this on it:

Anyone here remember
R’ Dov Bar Leib’s Cosmic Clock post?
Well, according to that post,
we are currently in the year of Hoshana Rabba,
which corresponds to David.
Year Day of Sukkot Ushpizin Member
Take it how you want.

I’m TOTALLY dissecting Reb Dov’s paper at present and will probably write about it in a few days (should the Lord tarry), but look at that table.  It says ‘ushpizin’ member.  What the HECK is that?!?!

Ushpizin (Hebrew אושפיזין) (lit. “Sukkot guests”)  During Sukkot the souls of the seven shepherds of Israel — Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and King David — actually leave Gan Eden to partake in the divine light of the earthly Sukkot (Zohar – Emor 103a). Each day of Sukkot, all seven souls are present, but each takes his turn to lead the other six. Collectively these transcendent guests are known as Ushpizin, the Aramaic word meaning “guests.”

Delving deeper, we find that the Ushpizin fit into a recurrent theme in Jewish philosophy — that time moves in set patterns and that history is moving toward an ultimate goal (Derech Hashem 4:7:2).King David writes: “A thousand years in Your eyes are like a day” (Psalms 90:4). Each day of Sukkot corresponds to one of the days of the week, and to each of the seven millennia of human history – starting with Adam and leading to the Messianic era (Talmud – Sanhedrin 97a; Derech Hashem 1:3:9).  From

Okay, I knew there were seven millenia… but I didn’t attribute them to these leaders, rather to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, two to Yeshua (churchianity’s ‘age of grace’), and then the millenial kingdom.  This, though, is very interesting.  But I still haven’t figured out WHY he started counting in 2005/6… probably haven’t gotten that far in my dissection of Reb Dav’s paper?  Dunno, but I do know that my call to prepare and to teach prophecy/current events happened in 2005/6, so that’s significant (to me, anyhow!). 

‘David’ is the Messianic era – the Return of Messiah.  So even THIS points to us being *there*… that’s substantial!  Especially if the countdown is right about THIS season.  Because Sept 10/11 began the year 5771.

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