SMS & the Spring Feasts

So I’m STILL thinking about what’s going to happen.  You know me… well, you ought to by now, anyhow.  I just like to try to sort thru ALL of the information thoroughly.  And it takes some time.

On my Facebook, I’m counting down to Passover.  Ten days left!!  I’m trying to get my ‘household’ in order and cleaned… the time from the new moon of Nisan to Pesach is a preparatory period of cleaning and readiness, and it’s no different for me.  Next week will be more intensive, but I’m not doing badly this week, truth be told.

For those not very familiar with the feasts, while the chrischuns are busy with Lent, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter, and Resurrection Day, scripture says that we are commanded to celebrate Pesach (Passover), Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits… during which time the counting of the Omer is began (and is also commanded in scripture).  Of course, chrischuns really don’t NEED scripture… they have their OWN thing, and that’s okay, because as long as it’s to Gawd’s glory, He’ll surely accept their disobedience and changes to His commandments.  ((What. Ever.))

A snideness aside, there are some VERY interesting and amazing things in the spring (BIBLICAL) feasts.  There are interesting and amazing things in the commonly accepted ‘feasts’, too – most of which involve fertility symbols, myths revolving around ham, gods and equinoxes, but they’re not pertinent to the future – they’re merely a deception to ensnare the weak.  As for the Biblical feasts, they’re a ‘shadow of things to come’, according to the New Testament… which is why (in light of where we are in history), I’m looking at them so closely.

Passover stems from a ‘redemption’ of Isreal from Egypt, by way of the Angel of Death, who did not harm the homes of those who smeared the blood of a Lamb on their doorposts.  Later, Messiah provided redemption from sin to those who smear HIS blood – the blood of The Lamb – on the doorposts of their heart.  Future fulfillment could be that ‘redemption’ from the wrath will be provided to those who are ‘sealed’ by the angels serving The Lamb… but to be honest, that doesn’t seem right to me.

More likely is the lesser fulfillment of Passover – the coming of Elijah.  Jews set an extra place setting at their Passover table for ‘the coming Elijah’.  They even open their doors to welcome him.  If you read the scripture, according to the priest rotation in the temple, John the Baptist – who Messiah called ‘in the way of Elijah’ was born ON Passover.  In the future?  The two witnesses are most likely to appear in Jerusalem on Passover.  THAT’S what I’m watching for this year.  The time is ripe, ‘even at the door’.  Keep you eyes on Israel.

Passover was the death of Messiah (ironically, the chrischuns will NEVER allow Passover and Easter to fall on the same day – the Catholic church has decreed it).  Unleavened Bread is the next feast afterwards, during which Messiah was a) without sin (that He took on the cross) and b) without life (in the grave).  Both attributed to the symbolic meaning of being ‘unleavened’.  Following that is Firstfruits, the REAL Ressurection Day… the day Messiah became the ‘firstfruits of them that will rise’, according to the verse in scripture tying His acts to the feasts.  ((New Testament, too!))  I always figured that *IF* we were to be raptured in the spring, it would be on this day… or the day of His ascension.  But honestly, I still have to go with Rosh Ha’Shana.

During these feasts begins the ‘Counting of the Omer’, which I have written about before (and offer a counting chart here).  The Counting of the Omer takes us 50 days, from Pesach/Passover to Shavuot/Pentecost.  During that time, according to Jewish (and Biblical) account, the Jews were ‘coming out of’ and being ‘cleaned/set apart’ in order to come before YeHoVah.  These days are a time of growing closer to Him and further from the world (Egypt’s ways)… until they arrived at the mountain where the Lord appeared to them… ON Pentecost.  He appeared with fire and thunderings and lightnings.  Several thousand years later, the Holy Spirit came ON Pentecost, ‘sealing’ the believers in Messiah.  I have to admit, if I’m looking for a ‘sealing’ of the 144,000 by July, the most likely date IS Pentecost.

So there is what we’re looking at, from a festal perspective.  I just wanted to share so that you understood what I’m thinking, and where I’m coming from with it.

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  1. See, while I can certainly say that Passover *could* be the Rapture (or Unleavened Bread OR First Fruits), those have been fulfilled BY Messiah. While I certainly won’t complain if Yah has plans this Spring……I….I wouldn’t think He’d RE-fulfill these Feasts.The Sealing on Pentecost, however, I *can* see. I just don’t know….

  2. Are there any holidays in the next couple of years that are exactly 1260 days apart?


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