Revelations from the Rabbi(Updated!)

Yesterday I posted about a well-respected Jewish leader in Israel who gave a prophecy to his students in his weekly address.  Well, it seems he’s received MORE revelation:…brink-of-war.html
My beloved teacher and spiritual guide, Rav Shalom Arush shlit’a, called me urgently to come see him today – he rarely does that, for we usually meet at regular intervals. He told me that his spiritual guide – the… Rabbi Yehuda Zev Leibowitz of saintly memory – came to him in a dream last night and said that in Heaven, all-out war against Israel has been decreed, a war which is supposed to break out before Rosh Hashana, in other words, within the next 3 weeks.

But, don’t be afraid. Hashem does love us and wants to be with us. But, we must be worthy of the Divine Presence. Rav Shalom told me that every single Jew must begin doing serious teshuva and self-assessment while begging Hashem to delay this harsh decree. I asked Rav Shalom, “Why pray for a delay? Why not pray for a total cancellation?” Rav Shalom said the delay is to allow more people to make teshuva. A cancellation is almost impossible, because it’s part of Hashem’s plan to bring Moshiach, in the nearest future. Once Moshiach comes, teshuva will be worthless. Today, teshuva is still worth it’s weight in diamonds. But time is running out super-fast.

I know that this post may earn me the status of the village idiot. But it’s worth it if even one family heeds me. There is little time left. Forget about the new furniture and the new jewelry. We must all raise our voices in such a manner that the Heavenly Throne shudders. This is Nineveh 2011. Please, if you love your spouse and your children, start speaking to Hashem for an hour a day. Personal prayer invokes phenomenal Divine compassion, because it’s a strong expression of emuna. Rav Shalom says, if you believe in Hashem, you speak to Him. If you don’t believe in Him, then you don’t speak. Let’s all start speaking before it’s too late.

aNNa’S NoTe:  My reaction is the opposite of Lazer Brody’s… it’s more of an “Even so, Messiah Yeshua, Come!”  But then, I have a very different outlook.  Mankind has had two millinea to choose what they would do in regards to Ha’Shem and His Son.  It’s not Ninevah, it’s Sodom… Egypt.  Noah’s Ark.  It’s time to go inside.  It’s exciting, exhilarating, and anticipated.  And I’m geeked!!


Dear Rabbi Lazer,
I spoke personally to Rav Lazer Berland shilta – he confirms what Rav Shalom Arush says – WE ARE THERE!  So if we are there what are we to do? We need only to listen to the words of the sages and keep our eyes in the holy texts and to do what the sages told us.  …A big hug, and looking forward to seeing you in Uman on Rosh Hashana, with wishes for a miraculous emuna-filled New Year 5772, Nati


Yesterday… Rav Shalom Arush shlit’a interrupted studies at our yeshiva and took the entire student body out to the field for a 6-hour personal prayer session. The Rav, may Hashem bless him and give him good health and length of days, instructed our young men to pray for a mitigation of all stern judgments and at least a delay of stern-judgment implementation until after Rosh Hashana. Rav Shalom said that if the war starts before Rosh Hashana, we might not be able to fly to Uman for Rosh Hashana. But, if the war is delayed, and if we do succeed in spending Rosh Hashana by the holy gravesite of Rabbenu Nachman, then there will be an amazing “sweetening” of harsh judgments.

In the meanwhile, Rav Shalom instructed us to pray that our enemies direct their fury at one another and not at us, so that their war effort will fizzle. Every Jew who does teshuva and starts talking to Hashem for an hour a day can help such a scenario come true, where Hamas and the Fatah return to their old feud, or else the age-old hate between Shiites and Sunnis is rekindled, leaving them no time to fool around with us. Let’s apply the prayer pressure now and hopefully laugh later. …May we all hear good tidings soon, amen. Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. Lightbulb Moment:   Jewish belief in Jesus Messiah will not come until the time of Tribulation, aren’t they supposed to mourn Him as a first-born son?  How better to prepare hearts than to be in repentance and prayer in the first place?

  2. Yup. But just like Ninevah, we’ve BEEN WARNED. We’ve gone thru the Seals – and most people shrugged it off. We’re being hit with all these natural disasters (didn’t Torah Class point out that God uses the natural is SUPERnatural ways? Well……here we are, worst fire season in TX ever, hurricanes seem to be forming faster than before (to me, anyway – I don’t recall having SO many fire off “boom, boom, boom” like we’re seeing right now)…..the wacky weather – if you LOOK, how can you NOT SEE that we’ve been warned? :sigh:Preachin’ to the choir, here…. Even so, Come Messiah!!


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